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Heeding The Call For Better Technology, Dollars Flow Into 911 Communications

By Marlene Givant Star and Joshua Armstrong, with analytics by Lana Vilner Once a very sleepy business, 911 centers are seeing a surge of investment lately. “A lot of VC money is coming into the market,” says Robert Chefitz, managing partner of security-focused private equity firm Egis Capital. According to Mergermarket data, the subsector saw… Read More »

Biosolids into bricks

There have been a number of eco trends in the housing industry lately from net-zero homes to smart homes and using recycled materials. But the latest creation of turning biosolids into brick could (not literally) be on the nose with a university team developing a way to recycle the world’s stockpiles of treated sewage sludge and boost… Read More »

The development of brain stem cells into new nerve cells and why this can lead to cancer

Ana Martin-Villalba and her research team at the German Cancer Research Center followed stem cells along the path to neurons. The scientists analyzed at every step which genes where switched on and which of them were actually turned into new proteins. They expected to find that stem cells would simply switch their stem cell genes… Read More »