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Did the Real-Life Agent Ford Just Reveal Some of the Cases We Could See on Mindhunter Season Three?

Groundbreaking criminal profiler John Douglas serves as the basis for Mindhunter’s agent Holden Ford, and he talked about his work in a new interview with Vulture. In it, he revealed which killers he found the most fascinating (Gary Heidnik, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris), shared some of his thoughts on the Atlanta Child Murders (he… Read More »

Tech CEOs call it ‘biohacking,’ but some highly restrictive diets resemble disordered eating

Imagine someone you love — your mom, sister, daughter or best friend — started eating only one meal of less than 1,000 calories a day and regularly powering through two-day stretches without eating anything at all. What would you do? Panic? Drag her to the doctor? Park her in a therapist’s chair? Yes, likely all… Read More »