Why is 5G dangerous to Health?

What are 5G? 

5G is the newest in mobile networking. It isn’t used just to connect people but also the variety of devices that we use today! It might bring huge changes in technology. Right now we are using these services with the 4G networks but companies aim to switch over to this network soon. With faster speeds using this network can mean the ability to send large amounts of data. They use radio wave frequency, something that is more commonly used with many communication devices. These frequencies are used so often because they have the longest wavelength. This means it takes longer to pass through an object making it easier for the body to handle. But while this is the lowest range of frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum the 5G networks are higher in wavelength than the 4G which was made in 2009. The radiation from these networks is higher than what it would have been with the other networks. 

How is 5G dangerous?

We have technology improving at an alarming rate. Coming up with devices that wouldn’t have been possible 50 years ago. As our computers and phones get sleeker, their small components get more powerful. The increase in strength and the commonplace of devices make it harder for people to avoid some exposure to EMF radiation. While 5G networks have a higher frequency than 4G networks they can only travel a short distance. They can be blocked by trees, walls and other objects as well. This means more towers need to be put up to help these networks work. Towers have a significantly higher amount of EMF and going too close can be dangerous to human health. Of course, staying 30 m (1 foot) greatly reduces EMF radiation. But it’s better not to start this endeavor. First of all, having this type of network means requiring having high standards of technology and not all countries can keep up with it right now. Even in the same country, the 5G networks will be installed in the denser populated areas first as it would be easier to use it close by to the towers. Places more rural will still face problems of bad connectivity and poor service. 

How do we classify radiation as dangerous?

While we know that X-rays can be harmful to health we still use them to find out if there are any problems in our body. Even though doctors or other medical professionals leave the room usually when these tests are done we trust their judgment. This is because one or two X-rays don’t pose a large threat to the human body. Unlike the professionals who see many patients and have to order many tests, which is why they have to avoid accumulating radiation in their bodies. Day to day we use devices that could be dangerous to our health but in certain amounts and with the right precautions we can make sure that we stay healthy. 

There are two types of radiation ionizing and non-ionizing. Non-Ionizing is radiation that does not cause harm to the body. This is because it doesn’t have enough energy to do any harm to the atoms. But overexposure can still cause health problems. Ionizing radiation are dangerous because these fast-moving particles can go further into your body to cause harm. They have enough energy to take electrons from the atoms in your body and can cause changes. These radiations are what we classify as dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. This is because they can cause damages to your DNA and can destroy cells. 

How does 5G affect children or the elderly?

There are already guidelines put in place to lower radiation levels in the public as opposed to those working in the industry. This was done by a non-governmental group supported by the World Health Organization. Most countries base their guidelines on what was provided and while there are some disparities across the world people try to make it as safe as possible for the people living there. An individual may react differently to the exposure due to hypersensitivity but most people shouldn’t be affected. 

What about when using 5G with other devices?

Electromagnetic frequency does occur when devices are turned on and have a changing electric and magnetic fields. But the limit of EMF exposure is 5000 volts/meters most devices don’t go higher than the limit. But the range of devices can vary. TVs, for example, can change depending on whether it shows color or not the components used, etc. So it is best to check each item individually although there shouldn’t be too big of a difference to cause people immediate adverse effects.

How much more are we exposed because of 5G networks?

Because this is a newer network we will be using it with previous  4G networks and get people mildly adjusted to the machines. This means more towers will be erected because of the 5G short travel distance and the 4G network usage. Some countries could try to avoid this by switching completely over to the 5G networks but it would mean having to change the older devices that could not work with this network. It would be costly and take a lot of time and resources to adjust. 

Does the increase in towers cause us more problems?

Many people have shown concern with phone towers a huge reason being the fact they can emit higher levels of radiation. This comes from the antennas that help us get signals to call people and use our phones. But to give us such a high signal the tower have to be strong enough to do it. This means it has higher amounts of EMF radiation. This is part of the reason why the antennas are so high up. The distance gives us a bit of protection against the radiation. Although those working close to the antennas are affected by serious problems if prolonged. But even a study comparing people living in the city to rural areas shows that there isn’t a huge difference in the amount of radiation they are exposed to. 

Does the coronavirus have links to the 5G networks? 

Recently theories have been brought to light that the radiation from the 5G towers is what has increased the spreading pandemic. In response to this, some have actually tried to burn down these towers in the United Kingdom. These arson attacks have caused concern but there is no link between the towers and the spread of the illness. In part, the misinformation about the virus is causing panic to citizens. With little info on the duration of the self-isolation, the timeline of a cure and the lack of control people feel at the news people can overreact. But 5G networks are not in any part connected to the virus. As long as people minimize contact with people and take the proper precautions we can take care of ourselves. 

How does 5G follow the guideline?

All devices are put through safety guidelines to make sure they aren’t harmful to humans so from the physical danger to the components to the radioactive everything is tested. The regulations that need to be met per country can vary but they are high above risks for humans as there are safety factors put into the calculations. These factors are number multiplied into the numbers that have been deemed safe to account for any error in calculations. %G networks have gone through rigorous testing to make it into the market. This doesn’t mean that studies won’t continue about 5G networks as safety can always improve in anything. There is no final product that can’t be updated to benefit the people. 

Why is 5G concluded to be safe by the guidelines?

5G networks use radio frequencies in their networks. This is on the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrums and one of the safer frequencies that we use. Many of our products use these frequencies so we have had time to study and research their effects of human health. The radiation that occurs from this does not pose a danger to human health but that is because the effects of long term exposure aren’t quantifiable. There are a number of factors that can contribute to a person’s illness so it can be hard to put these factors into consideration. The 5G devices that have gone through the testing passed because their products have deemed to be well below the required guidelines. 

What research has been done on 5G? 

There have been 350 studies so far done on the effects of 5G frequencies. But this research on this matter as well as on the problems with EMF radiation will be studied. No one wants to put people in danger but we learn about new things every day and it is always recommended to keep up to date with the news. Extensive research has to be done to find and confirm any links between 5G and any health problems that may occur. But for now, reading up of the articles published by professionals can give more information about the products. 

Why do people want to use 5G?

People use a lot of data and phones have become a must-have item. The generation now is already used to a faster speed than the earlier ones but 5G is the solution companies have come up with to increase consumers’ use. Radio frequencies are used often because of the reduced risk of danger but the 5G uses frequencies a little higher to have better data speed and coverage. This is done on millimeter waves and it has already been used by satellites. But 5G networks can’t use the millimeter waves without some drawbacks. It is hard to go within buildings and the waves can only go straight. This is why thousands of small base stations will have to be built in an area for the devices to work. This is what causes people to vary the frequencies used by 5G devices.  This could be a complete change in how places are built around the city to account for these new stations but the antennas are smaller in these towers compared to those in cell stations. 

If so many stations are needed why choose 5G?

Although the number of base stations needed is high the antennas that can be put on these devices are higher as well. The increased use of cell phones requires a technology that can keep up with the demand. And the small stations do show more promise regarding their usefulness. There will also be less interference when using these frequencies why is why companies see the advantages of such devices even with the big changes and opinions that have to change.  

Why can changes to the network be a cause for concern?

The advantages of 5G networks have already been discussed above but with the higher availability of such frequencies. There will be leaps to other technologies as well from virtual reality to AI etc. This means that everyone becomes more capable of building more technologies and highering the EMF radiation that we become exposed to. While there will be testing done it doesn’t always catch problems early on. Cars, for example, were made to be indestructible at the beginning to avoid damages. But as people got into car accidents and the fatalities increased scientists learned that the car needed to become damaged so that people’s bodies could have time to adjust to the force of the impact. Therefore having a better chance of surviving the accident. Many things have been put on the market before they were recalled for safety violations. While we do not mean to say that there could be dangers in all devices there are times when factors that weren’t accounted for could risk people’s lives. 

What do professionals think about EMF and technologies?

There has been a lot of questions by the public about the safety of wireless devices. Cell Phone are a huge source of debate for many. The World Health Organization themselves have done tests on the use of cell phones and found that it could possibly cause cancer in humans specifically by brain tumors. This was a study published in 2011 that explains that people who used these devices for 30 min every day for a period of 10 years had a higher risk (40%) of getting brain tumors. Of course, more research needed to be done and there may have been other factors involved which is why the link wasn’t explicitly stated. 

How is 5G related to vehicles?

Car are becoming more automated. We have been seeing things like self-driving cars being advertised or functions that senses the proximity of people and other vehicles to stop at a safe distance. These types of functions can’t happen without the use of other networks. They are what helps the cars avoid collisions and advances of 5G can lead to a huge change in the way vehicles are used. This could mean more safety for drivers on the road as human error is a huge factor in car accidents.   


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